Rosary Garden Restoration Project

Twenty years ago the Friars of Marytown had a vision of creating a Rosary Garden to provide pilgrims with a special outdoor setting for prayer and meditation. That vision became a reality. Beautiful relief artwork of the Mysteries of the Rosary was obtained and installed in a stunning landscape setting. Since then thousands of pilgrims have spiritually benefited.

Now it’s up to us to maintain that vision for the next generation, as years of harsh Midwestern weather has taken its toll. Please take a look at our new Rosary Garden plans below and consider
DONATING to the Rosary Garden Restoration Fund or SPONSORING one of the Mysteries of the Rosary Shrines so generations to come may reap the spiritual benefits that we have been so blessed to receive.

The base of the upgraded Mysteries of the Rosary Shrines will be created from beautiful and durable red brick that matches the red brick used for our chapel and conference center. This will not only add consistency to the overall appearance, but also allow for a permanent display that will benefit generations to come!

Our current Mystery reliefs are in excellent condition as they have been constructed of concrete. They will receive a deep cleaning and be permanently inset into the beautiful new red brick base.

A beautiful bronze plaque will be mounted beneath the Mystery with the name of the Mystery engraved upon it. The sponsor's name will be engraved in smaller type on one line below the name of the Mystery with the option of using up to 24 letters.

A very important part of the Rosary Garden restoration includes upgrading the landsaping. Our landscaping team will be selecting flowers and shrubs to create added beauty to the environment of the garden and complement the newly installed shrines and brick walkway with special attention payed to the changing seasons. And comfortable seating will be provided for your prayer and mediation time by those who sponsored our newly installed benches. To each one of them we are truly grateful!

For details on DONATING to the Rosary Garden Restoration Fund

For details on SPONSORING a Mystery of the Rosary Shrine